“Invest in yourself with SkillUVA and grow daily.”

Dr Ashish Parnani, Founder


Who We Are

SkillUVA was born on 21st July 2020 with a mission to make lifelong learning a part of human existence. SkillUVA is the combination of the two words – Skill, meaning the ability to do something or the expertise and UVA, a creative version of the Hindi word YUVA which means ‘Youth’ or ‘a Young person’.

SkillUVA is established on the premise to proclaim that learning is not limited to a time or a specific age but rather on the attitude of a learner. Learning is forever, Learning is eternal. As people are more active in their youth, they tend to learn more and seek more. SkillUVA’s objective is that people should be youthful and proactive throughout their life for learning. As a student and a working professional, learning should be the objective in life not just in career. SkillUVA is aimed to help people understand that learning is not limited to career. SkillUVA’s learning interventions are foe everyone to enjoy.


SkillUVA is an e-learning platform where students and working professionals can enroll themselves for high-quality Video Courses of their choice. We have an exclusive Trainer’s Corner where Trainers and Coaches can buy and download best training courseware for their corporate training programs. Along with that SkillUVA also has an eBook library where learners can download paid and free eBooks for their personal & professional development. One can also take advantage of personalized live coaching sessions with our Master Trainers across the globe on Sales, Leadership & Personal Effectiveness. Last but not the least, Our Blog will keep you abreast on latest technological, social, business and personal development articles for your growth. Happy Learning with SkillUVA!!