Significance of Emotional Intelligence for Educationists | Dr. Raghu Raman

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A school is a place where teachers impart knowledge
and culture to the students and also create a road map for their future. Before
going to the topic, What is Emotional Intelligence?

Salavoy and John
Mayer in their article “Emotional Intelligence” in the journal Imagination,
Cognition, and Personality in 1990 defined it as the ability to
monitor one’s own and more importantly influence others’ feelings and

Now the question is how Emotional Intelligence
plays a crucial role to shape students. Undoubtedly the students are the future
captains of the industry in the nation. In the teacher's training program, the
EI is one of the most important cognitive disciplines which is included in the

The teacher plays a major role in shaping the students, as an
administrator, facilitator, pupil supporter, and welfare along with teaching
and learning support mechanisms in the classroom. 
To achieve the above emotional states, relationships
between teachers and students are important in the teaching and learning

The EI not only increases self-awareness among the teachers but also
classifies and adapts their emotions with others. It identifies their strengths
and weakness.  Also, it increases their self-confidence and the effective
teacher-student relationship. 

The major advantage of EI for teachers includes:-

#1. The ability to set the teaching-learning mood
in the classroom, in addition to that to produce better results for the
students and enhance the overall performance of the school.

#2. Adjusting their emotions according to the
environment would lead to achieving the Institution’s goals. These individuals
have the ability to manage their emotions and use them for their gain.

To conclude, managing one’s emotions is a game of
life. It should be started at a very early age and should continue throughout
life. Generally, students are a combination of IQ and EQ. Both are equally
important in developing a strong and mentally healthy individual. As teachers,
it is our responsibility to train and develop the whole child.

EI is one of the skills to succeed in the 21st
century in the teaching profession. Teachers have to be emotionally intelligent
if they want to survive in the teaching profession and to be useful to society
as catalysts for positive change.

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