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Post covid world has forced us to do many new things and moved us out of our comfort zone. Whether it is working from home, ordering online food/groceries, or selling virtually, everything seemed new and still a bit of a challenge.

Selling from home/office and not going in the field is called inside sales. 

I have sold my training and coaching programs worth lacs in the last 6 years without stepping a single foot out of the door. So, what are the things which are part of this amazing concept of ‘Inside Sales’?
Let me share with you three super awesome tools of inside sales: –

#1. Sales via Email – You don’t have to go anywhere to sell via email. You just need a laptop/pc or a smartphone and send email campaigns and let people know about your product and services. I sent close to 3000 emails per week. Emails are a powerful marketing and inside sales tool.

#2. Sales via Social Media – I want to first say that if you are not selling via social media and not using its omnipresence you are making a terrible blunder. You must be present everywhere, especially if you are dependent on inside sales. Selling via Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc is simple and very effective. I generate 70% of my training income via social media selling.

#3. Sales via Telephone – If you are good at field sales then I would really recommend you to develop your telesales skills. This is the one skill that I have sharpened over the course of 5 years for my high-ticket training and coaching programs. Just one phone call and you close sales ranging from Rs, 5000 – Rs. 15,000, think about it, such a powerful skill to learn and develop. I call this a money-minting skill.

So, what are you waiting for – Inside sales is the way for you to go forward if you are a sales executive, or entrepreneur like me and have limited resources, or just starting with your business or work. Use, these tools and start selling.
If you need my help, I would love to train you and develop your skills in inside sales.

The term ‘Inside Sales’ has been a buzzword for the last 3 years. Corporations around the globe are hiring professionals who can sell without having to go out in the sun/rain or snow and produce significant results for them.

For Your Success, Always!!
Dr. Ashish Parnani

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